by Big Morgan

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mastered by the illustrious Tom Lewis


Calm me I've fallen out of the times again
as if I'd ever really kept up
here and there it can be hard to remain my friend
but I aint a fuckin slack job

have you ever needed a throat for your hand?
well I've already spotted mine
I came across this tastey candy feline
and now I live in her saliva glands

It was always so easy looking back
to jolly times, but golly I
never should have put my weight upon your back
these jelly eyes won't glow tonight

well once I laid on...
a beach willy once made of the finest sand
everything was free that came in a cup
surrounded by a bunch of french canadians
so how's now all my best gear fucked?

How about you try a solid state for your amp
and then be more careful next time
why share a love of taking our favorite things apart
when we can't put them back together again

It was always so easy back in the past
when god was high, and so was I
never once though maybe it wouldn't last
now all my things are all that I am
used to never say a word now I never make a sound
these jelly eyes can cause demise
they were barely all alive now they're barely even heard
still all my things are all that I am
so get them fixed


released June 23, 2017



all rights reserved


Big Morgan Athens, Georgia

Carnival Rock from Athens, GA



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